Maximizing Sales With The Right Jewelry Displays

Maximizing Sales With The Right Jewelry Displays

  • 29 September, 2022
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Since starting my handmade jewelry business, I have exhibited my items at many craft shows, fairs, festivals, home jewelry parties, etc. I often have a show two or three days a week. I picked up many display ideas along the way. I also asked other vendors to incorporate my ideas into their own displays.

One of the most important things to remember is that you want your display to be appealing to the customer. Your jewelry or crafts may be beautiful, however, it won't matter if the display doesn't look appealing enough for the potential customer to come and take a look.

When it comes to jewelry, I find that the organization of items is very important. I have seen displays in which other jewelry designers have no particular organization in their presentation. It is their choice. I've had a LOT of customer feedback about how it's easier and faster to find what they're looking for when a display is curated.

Here are some tips and ideas for displaying jewelry:

TIP #1:

- Display jewelry sets together. For example, I display my chakra jewelry together on a mirror.

TIP #2:

- Display jewelry from each category (ex. necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc.) in the same general area. It will be easier for your customers to locate specific items.

TIP #3:

- Organize bracelets by style, gemstone, color, etc. Whatever suits you best. I separate my displays of bracelets by precious stones. For example: I may have quartz, jade, and carnelian bracelets on one display, my consciousness bracelets on another, and so on.

TIP #4:

- Earring displays are personal preference. I have seen some designers display their earrings on hanging displays without an earring card, some prefer to hang them on a chalkboard display or earring rack, others use a rotating display. I use a rotating earring rack because it takes up less space and I can display over 100 pairs of earrings. I use black earring cards to hang my earrings and include rubber earring backs with my earrings. This helps hold the earrings in place on the card and gives the customer an extra earring bonus.

TIP #5:

-Be creative when displaying your jewelry. I use black velvet and white leatherette jewelry displays, beveled mirrors, and wire jewelry holders. Mirrors are a great way to display your jewelry - they're simple, inexpensive, and stylish! I use them to display my featured jewelry pieces and sets. Beveled mirrors can be purchased in a variety of sizes at your local craft store or jewelry supplier.

TIP #6:

- It is not recommended to use flat screens. Many salons will not accept a vendor if they have a flat table display. It's just not attractive! It is also recommended to have more than one level in your display. I use the shelf from an old computer desk. I cover it with a piece of black velvet and place it in the center of my table. It's perfect for displaying my business sign, a few necklace holders, and some smaller jewelry.

TIP #7:

- Cover your table! The colors you choose are up to you. However, if you choose a pattern that is too "busy", it may remove your jewelry. I use black tablecloths to display my jewelry. To accentuate the black color, I use table runners or large cloth napkins in the colors of the season. I will use rust colors in the fall, red and green in the winter...you get the idea. I also display inexpensive "props" on my table. I use small wooden pumpkins, small candles, clip-on ornaments, etc. Make your table appealing to the buyer!

TIP #8:

- Include a business card display on your table. This will promote your business and lead to loyal customers.

TIP #9:

-Make signs. I use tent cards to make it easier for customers to find what they are looking for. I design my own tent cards on the computer using tent card sheets or card stock. I then cut them to the size I want. I label each of my categories with a tent card. For example: "Awareness Bracelets", "Men's Jewelry", "Children's Jewelry", "Anklets". I also make cards

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